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Common App

Many institutions use the Common Application service as part of their admissions process. UC Merced students that are applying to institutions that require the Common Application will be required to provide information about their academic record to the application.

Currently, UC Merced does not participate in the Common Application service and does not furnish some of the information requested by the service. For students applying to institutions that require a Common Application, please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a paper form of the registrar report (known as the offline form) part of the Common Application process.
  2. While the Students First Center is closed and not available for students to pick up the transcript. Students should order an official transcript from UC Merced and request to have it mail to themselves or check the Common Application administrators on submitting the transcript to them directly (For information on ordering transcripts, please visit
  3. Take the registrar report form to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) located at 167 Granite Pass or email to and have them complete the disciplinary section of the form (Note: many fields on the form will be left blank). You can also complete the conduct record verification form online at
  4. Pick up your (unopened) official transcript from the Students First Center and the section of the report completed by the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities. Submit these documents as part of your Common Application according to the application instructions.

If you run into any difficulties with this process, please contact our office at