SFC Student Staff

The student staff here at the SFC are well-trained in the various avenues utilized within social media.  Be sure to visit their pages to view their perspective through the lens of a student here at UC Merced.

Kristopher Greene

Hey Bobcats! My name is Kris Greene and I am a Student Assistant at the Students First Center. I am a Fourth year double majoring in Psychology and Economics with a minor in Sociology. I grew up in Fresno. Here at UC Merced I am a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. One thing that attracted me to UC Merced is how new it is and that your presence can make a larger impact. I also love how you get to watch the campus grow each year, it is amazing to see how much change has happened since I started here. Follow me and the rest of the SFC workers on Twitter to stay up to date with important deadlines or events. Come by the Students First Center if you have any questions! 

Hi Everyone! My name is Michael Ponce and I am a Student Assistant at the Students First Center. I am a first year Mechanical Engineering major here at UC Merced. I grew up in Los Angeles and love spending time outdoors. I love running and was part of the XC team at my high school and have ran two Los Angeles Marathons, each 26.2 miles. I hope to continue running marathons. I chose UC Merced because it is a very environmentally friendly campus and it is new! Follow me and all the SFC staff on twitter to keep up to date on deadlines and events. We are always hereto help at the SFC so stop by and say Hey!



Michael Ponce


Anna Kucherova




Hello, my name is Anna Kucherova and I am a Student Assistant at the Students First Center. Currently, I am a first year student at UC Merced who is undertaking the challenge of pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree by majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Applied Mathematics. I consider myself easy-going and approachable; if you recognize me on campus and have any questions, don't be shy, I'll be as helpful as possible! My ambitions currently consist of persevering in my pursuit of knowledge and intending to take absolute advantage of the opportunities that lie here within UC Merced. Bobcats, I suggest you do the same! Although the route you may take towards your aspirations may diverge several times, I hope your tenacity remains constant. Follow me on Twitter for upcoming deadlines and events or stop by the Students First Center for urgent questions. Hope you see you around