FYF Student Portal

My.UCMerced.Edu Student Portal

My.UCMerced.edu is designed to help your student navigate through life here at UC Merced. My.UCMerced provides updated, secure, 24-hour access to comprehensive information including financial aid, admissions, registration, student records and more. 

By now, your student should have established a username, set up a password and logged in for all admissions information. The My.UCMerced.edu account is every student’s online connection to campus and student services.

The following are examples of links available there:

  • MyRegistration will link your student to a searchable schedule of classes and online registration.
  • MyFinancialAid will link your student to individual student awards as well as student requirements.
  • MyAdmissions will link your student to any outstanding conditions of admissions you need to fulfill.

Acceptable Use Policy

When your student logged into the My.UcMerced.edu for the first time they were asked to read and agree to the terms of the Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy.  They may have just checked the box and agreed to the terms without reading them, so we want to remind you and your student that they are required to abide by all associated state and federal laws and adhere to unviersity policies when connected to the UC Merced network, or when using any of the university's network-based tools and resources.  We recommend that you and your student review the policy at the IT website: it.ucmerced.edu.  A few items you and your student should be most aware of: No illegal sharing of copyrighted or licensed materials, no hacking of university systems, no stalking, no spamming, and no use of university network resources for commercial gain.


The next page is an example of what your student will see in his or her My.UCMerced.edu account.